>VA – Punk Rock Jukebox Vol. II (1999)


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01. Kid Dynamite – Deny Everything (Circle Jerks cover)
02. Samiam – Search and Destroy (Iggy and The Stooges cover)
03. Dropkick Murphys – Vengeance (The Nips cover)

04. Violent Society – I Am the Hunted (G.B.H. cover)

05. Blood For Blood – All This and More (Dead Boys cover)

06. Kill Your Idols – Here to Stay (Sheer Terror cover)

07. Tears of Frustration – Yes Ma’am (D.R.I. cover)

08. Purpose – For Want Of (Rites of Spring cover)

09. Super Hi-Five – Not a Day (Leatherface cover)

10. Indecision – I Don’t Care About You, New York’s Alright (Fear cover)

11. The Ducky Boys – Razors In the Night (Blitz cover)

12. The Boils – 2,000,000 Voices (Angelic Upstarts cover)

13. Yuppicide – Concrete Jungle (The Specials cover)

14. Anti-Flag – What About the Lonely (Sham 69 cover)

15. Special Duties – Johnny Won’t Go to Heaven (The Killjoys cover)

16. The Enkidels – White Wedding (Billy Idol cover)

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Uma resposta para >VA – Punk Rock Jukebox Vol. II (1999)

  1. Anônimo disse:

    Thank you – I’ve been looking for the compilation for the past 5-6-7 or maybe even more years – still got the tape here – but it wont’ play anymore – Sincere thanks !

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