>Conquest For Death – Beyond The Hidden Valley (2008)


..::trash punk hardcore from US
.:if you like: Scholastic Death, What Happens Next?, Secret Seven


::download album::

01. still angry still smiling
02. shadows and demons
03. topographical maps of imaginary landscapes
04. victoria terminus
05. positive attitude negative world
06. this is our time never say die
07. what joy in gossip when you can say it to their face
08. condition critical
09. in the dead of night
10. is this integrity or stupidity
11. beyond the valley of the last of the v8 interceptors
12. wake up screaming
13. double standard bearer
14. repentant or martyred
15. the unbridled disgust
16. cfd
17. no safe words for life


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..::Spreading punk music aroud the globe::..
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