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>VA – Music By People Like Us (2008)

> ::download album:: 01. Wisdom In Chains – Land Of Kings02. Everyday Dollars – Supply And Demand30. Madball – Infiltrate The System04. District 9 – Addicts With Armando F45105. Sick Of It All – Die Alone06. Blacklisted – How Quickly … Continuar lendo

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>VA – Punk Rock Jukebox Vol. II (1999)

> ::download album:: 01. Kid Dynamite – Deny Everything (Circle Jerks cover)02. Samiam – Search and Destroy (Iggy and The Stooges cover) 03. Dropkick Murphys – Vengeance (The Nips cover) 04. Violent Society – I Am the Hunted (G.B.H. cover) … Continuar lendo

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>V.A. – Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute

> ::download album:: 01. Ashtray Monument – Bigwig 02. Chemistry – Bayside 03. Boat Dreams From the Hill – Face To Face 04. Want – Name Taken 05. Busy – Duvall 06. Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault – Travoltas 07. Jinx … Continuar lendo

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>V.A. – Out Of Step – A Minor Threat Tribute (2007)

> ::download album:: 1. Kid Dynamite – I Don’t Wanna Hear It (1:13)2. Kill Your Idols – Small Man, Big Mouth (0:56)3. Slayer – Guilty Of Being White (1:06)4. Ratos De Porão – In My Eyes (2:54)5. Mighty Mighty Bostones … Continuar lendo

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>[Split] Voorhees & Kill Your Idols (2000)

> ::download album:: 01 The World Wanted You Dead (Voorhees) 02 Illegal Wiretap (Voorhees) 03 FBI Warning (Voorhees) 04 Can’t Take it Away 05 Grey Skies Ahead (Kill Your Idols) 06 Nameless (Kill Your Idols) 07 Dead Meat/Nailbomb … Continuar lendo

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>V.A. – Poison Idea – Hangover Heartattack A Tribute to Poison Idea (2003)

> Poison Idea..:: hardcore punk band from california ::.. ..:: Download Album ::….:: Lyrics ::.. Poison Idea – Hangover Heartattack A Tribute to Poison Idea Bonehouse – Hangover Heartattack Barcode (6) – Die On Your Knees Godnose – A.A. … Continuar lendo

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>VA – A Tribute To Sick Of It All: Our Impact Will Be Felt

> ::download album:: 01-Rise Against – “Built to Last”02-Unearth – “Clobberin Time/What’s Going On”03-Hatebreed – “Ratpack”04-Madball – “Give Respect”05-Bleeding Through – “The Truth”06-Comeback Kid – “Step Down”07-Ignite – “Cease Fire”08-The Bouncing Souls – “Good Lookin’ Out”09-Pennywise – “My Life”10-Kill Your … Continuar lendo

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